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19:00 - 20:00
Verdensmål og bæredygtighed

Forskningens Døgn - The rainforests of the North

Postdoc Johannes Pullens on Peatlands and their relation to climate change - Foredrag på engelsk

What is the importance of peat in climate change and how does it relate to our daily lives? During the talk more insights are given into what peat is how it grows and how it can help mitigating climate.
The talk will look at what peat is and how it is formed over the past decennia/millennia and what kind of types of peatlands there are.

In the media, peatlands are many times presented as solutions that can play an important role in mitigating climate change.

During this talk Johannes Pullens from Aarhus Universitet - Institut for Agroøkologi - Klima og Vand, will explore why peat is so important, how beautiful it is and where it is grown. By looking at all these steps, we will discover why politicians and scientists believe peatlands can help mitigating climate change.
In this lecture, we will also discuss what small steps we can do to reduce the use of peat, for example as fuel and it is often mixed into potting soils.

This lecture will also touch upon the transition from agricultural land to wetland; However, it is purely an informative lecture to make people aware of peatlands and their functions.

Please note that the lecture is in english!

The lecture is online and does not require a ticket. You can watch it on the librarys website and our YouTube-channel.
Arrangementet er online, kræver ingen tilmelding og kan ses på bibliotekets YouTubekanal og bibliotekets hjemmeside.

Forskningens Døgn 2021 - med fokus på klima og forskning
Forskningens Døgn er en uge med fokus på al den gode forskning, der laves rundt omkring i landet. I år er alle foredrag på grund af Covid-19 rykket online.
En gruppe biblioteker er gået sammen om at lave en temadag med fokus på forskning i klimaet set ud fra forskellige synsvinkler – og bringe dem direkte hjem til dig.