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18:30 - 20:30
50 Kr

Danish Culture is an "Extreme"

Decoding Danish Values

Are you an expat in Denmark and still wondering what Danish culture is all about? 

Why shouldn’t you think you are anything special?
In what way is trust a currency? 
Should you keep calm and not knock on your neighbor’s door? 
Is something “Un-Danish” bad?
Why is it that - if there is something we cannot talk about - we MUST talk about it?

Join this two-hours, state-of-the-art lecture, which paints a certain picture of the Danish mentality and its implicit expectations. It is a humorous, serious, provocative and well-researched lecture that battles through decoding dominant Danish values e.g. equality, trust, independence, humor, privacy, self-image, “hygge” and most importantly how they play out in real life.

Danish Culture is an “Extreme” is for both Danes and internationals who would like to become a bit more culturally intelligent when it comes to the Danish culture and in this process self-discover some things about their own cultural background.

The price for participating is 50 kr.
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About the speaker:
Anatolie Cantir arrived in Denmark 15 years ago from native Moldova and made the town of Herning his home. His drive, curiosity and “obsession” about how other people think and live made him reflect a lot about the Danish society. It has also motivated him to travel the world and put his own background into perspective.
Anatolie has been teaching cross-cultural communication at Aarhus University, Business Academy Dania and Lærdansk Herning. He is currently, a full-time associate professor at VIA University.

BEMÆRK! Foredraget er åbent for alle - men foregår udelukkende på engelsk.