Rules and regulations

In Rules and Regulations for Herning Bibliotekerne you can read the rules for use of the resources of the library. On a general basis it is free to use the resources, but in the case of special services such as print and copying you will have to pay a small amount for each copy. Participation in events may also have a fee/charge. In special cases a deposit may be charged for borrowing, for instance if you are not registrered in the Danish national register.

You are always welcome to make use of the resources of the library even if you are not a registered user. At the library you may read newspapers and books, use our wireless access to the Internet, work on your assignment, or participate in events.

How do I become a library user?

In order to borrow library materials and to use the libraries during staffless hours you must be a registered library user.

You can register as a user online using MitID or visit one of the libraries when staff is on duty. Please bring your photo identification (passport/driver’s license) issued by a public Danish authority.

As users under the age of 18 years must have an adult that is responsible for any charges associated to the library card, you as the adult must register the person, either online using MitID or visiting one of the libraries when staff is on duty.
Please bring your photo identification (passport/driver’s license) issued by a public Danish authority and a Health Insurance Card for you and the person under 18 years of age.

When registering online, please observe that all information and the form is in Danish.

Your Health Insurance Card functions as your personal library card with a pin code chosen by you. You will need the pin code, when you borrow and reserve materials and when you use our virtual services. If you forget your pin code, you can choose a new one by producing valid identification with photo.

If you, as a parent, do not want your child to use the Health Insurance Card as a library card a special library card for children may be issued.

In case you lose your library card or Health Insurance Card, you must notify the library in order to avoid misuse.

If you register a Danish cell phone number or your email, you accept that the library can send you service notifications.

Please, notify the library if you change your address, email address or cellphone number.

How long can I keep the borrowed materials?

Normally, you can keep the borrowed material for four weeks. Some materials for only two weeks. The return date for your loans will appear from your loans receipt or from your library record found at your user profile here on

Can I renew one or more loans?

You can renew materials not reserved by other users. You can renew up to three times. Some materials cannot be renewed.

It is your responsibility to return the materials at the end of the borrowing period, even if you are not able to renew the loan.
Fines will be charged on the day after expiry of the lending period. See list of fines here.
Renewal of a loan is considered a new loan.
If you renew too late, a fine is charged.

How do I make a reservation for books, films, games, magazines?

You can make a reservation here at or via

If you have informed us of your Danish cell phone number or your email you will be notified via SMS or email when you can pick up the reserved material.

If we do not have the materials you need we will try to get them from another library.

If you should not need the materials after all, please cancel them. You can do this on your user profile here at

If I return the materials after expiration of the lending period?

If you return the materials too late, you must pay an overdue fine. See list of fines here.

We can offer a reminder service two days before expirations of the loan via SMS or email, if you have informed us of your Danish cell phone number or your email. However, it is still your responsibility to return materials on time, even if for some reason you did not receive the message. So keep an eye on your user profile here on

The return receipt is your documentation for having returned the materials. Therefore, when returning materials please check that the number of returned materials corresponds to the number on the return receipt.

If I lose borrowed materials?

You are responsible for materials borrowed on your Health Insurance Card or library card. So, when borrowing the material please check if it has any defects. You must compensate damaged and/or lost materials at the price paid by the library plus a price for preparation.

NB! The initial cost for certain materials (such as films on DVD and computer games) is because of copyright considerably higher than the retail price. In some cases, the price can be up to DKK 4,000.
You cannot buy a material in a shop in order to replace the lost and/or damaged material.

The library assumes no liability to pay damages for breakdown on playback equipment caused by library materials.

When the lending period is more than 30 days overdue, we consider the material lost and will send you a bill with replacement cost and fine of the borrowed material. If you return the material, you will only have to pay the fine. When you have paid for a damaged and/or lost material, it is yours. It is not possible to get the amount refunded if you find the missing material at a later time.

When you have paid the bill, you can pick up the damaged material up to month later.

Can I lose the right to borrow?

If you repeatedly fail to return borrowed materials or return the materials in a damaged condition, you lose the right to borrow. The same applies if you owe a fine of more than DKK 200. Exclusion will be announced at 7 days’ notice. When you have paid the fines due, you can borrow again.

The library is for everybody

Everybody should have a good experience when using the library. For that reason, we expect all users to behave in an orderly manner and to follow the instructions of the staff. Otherwise, you may be expelled from the library.